• Moulding     AI91611 Poppy

Height: 17 mm
Width: 17 mm
Rebate Height: 12 mm
Rebate Width: 5 mm






Price per Metre 


Simply add the size you need for each side.




To order a moulding for a 30cm x 40cm frame.


Example configuration 

2 sides x 30cm = 60cm

2 lengths x 40cm = 80cm


Total required 1.40m 


Add 1.40 into the quantity box. 


Please note: We add 2mm to the dimensions in order to create an easy fit.


 At checkout, process, please inform us of the configuration  you require. 




Example order as follows.


304mm x 406mm would still be charged at 30cm x 40cm


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Moulding AI91611 Poppy

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